Online Streaming Harry Potter on Netflix [January 2022]

Harry Potter is finally available on Netflix! But only in two countries. All Harry Potter movies from parts 1-7 are readily available to stream on Netflix. As a Turkish or Australian resident in this magical world filled with Hogwarts adventures and magic spells galore. You’re missing out if your haven’t seen these films yet! But … Read more

Highest Rated War Movies Forever Hits

War Movies

Wars are always a fascinating topic to discuss, and people have their own opinions on what they think. Some will get excited by the prospect of war while others find it too terrifying for themselves or others around them in society who may have lived through one that was happening at this time period (or … Read more

Watch CBS in the US online no matter where you are [Jan’ 22]

If you’re looking to watch CBS in the US, but don’t live there, then this post is for you. There are a few ways that you can access your favorite shows no matter where you are. By watching CBS online. Today I’ll be talking about how to unblock CBS outside the US? It will allow … Read more